The Weight Cutting Trap | Roper Report

Coach Roper talks about the the trap wrestlers, parents and coaches fall into by falling into the “normal” weight cutting practices of wrestling.  He keeps the discussion more on the mental effects weight cutting causes, and how that stress can shorten wrestling careers.  Once you start the weight cutting or weight management practices in wrestling…


Taking Risks

We decided to try something a little different with the Roper Report this week.  Hope you enjoy the new format!


Half Full Glasses Lead To Success

I recently had a paradigm shift (google that phrase, I’ll wait). I finally realized that success (however you define it) isn’t a destination. This is a common trap to fall into due to our view point as children. How often did the thought, “I can’t wait to grow up” enter your brain at a young…


Getting Lucky In The Heat

I love poker. I think it appeals to the nerd inside me. I know its hard to believe, but he’s in there. In fact, he lives right next to pretty much every line to the original Star Wars Trilogy and the absurd amount of Tolkien lore that I hide in my brain. You see I…