To view our training schedule & dates/times for anything we offer, visit and click on the “Schedules”” tab and then click on the “Training Schedules” tab. There you will see all classes and practices we offer for that day/week/month to come.

  • Visit and click on the “Schedules” tab and then click on the “Training Schedules” tab. Here you can see the classes that we offer, to sign up simply click on “Sign Up Now” for the class you want. You will need to log into your account to finish signing up and paying.
  • To Sign Up for a Camp or Event you will need to click on the “Camp & Events” tab at the top.
  • All classes can be signed up for online EXCEPT Monthly Memberships.
    • All Unlimited Monthly Memberships must be signed up for On-Site (at gym) and require the enrollment of month-to-month Auto-pay.

Monthly membership require a credit/debit card on file.

  • Fill out the form at
  • Must be 72 hours before the next bill cycle that you want cancelled
  • On your first day training with us you will need to check off a “Liability Waiver” online. If you are under 18 you will need a parent/guardian to do this for you.
  • You MUST have a USA card membership in order to practice with us. If you do not have one visit to purchase a card. NO exceptions.
  • Your first time visit training experience with us is FREE so enjoy!
  • If you are participating in a wrestling practice you will need wrestling shoes. (Can be found at most large sporting good stores or online). Head gear, kneepads and other equipment may also be used during practice but are not required.
  • Normal workout clothes such as athletic shorts and T-shirt are the most common clothes worn for practice.

The best way to book a private lesson is to contact the coach that you want the private training with directly at practice. Exchange phone numbers and they will go over all the details with you individually.

Sanitation and hygiene are extremely important for any athletic sport. At The Compound, mats are mopped and equipment is cleaned and sanitized daily. There are a few steps that every athlete needs to take to ensure that they are doing what is necessary to keep The Compound a safe and clean environment. All athletes need to shower immediately when they get home after practice. All clothes needs to be washed before it is worn again. All equipment should be wiped down with a disinfectant and set to air out.

The Compound has an elite coaching staff that has had success at every level both coaching and competing. We spend countless hours preparing and organizing practice and technique. This means that parents are discouraged from coaching or yelling at their kids during practice. Coaches are more than happy to speak with parents about this before or after practice and can also be emailed/called throughout the day. We aim to make our athletes have sustained success throughout their careers. Being a part of the CMP Family is putting trust into our coaches.

  • Yes! If you have kids (that are siblings) the second OR third sibling will be discounted. This discount only applies to memberships that last one month or longer.
  • To purchase a sibling membership visit our “Online Membership Store” and click on “Packages.”