CMP Lifestyle

At The Compound, we do not believe that the success is defined by your win-loss record. Instead, we believe that success is a by-product of living your life correctly on and off the mat. To help foster this development of the whole person, The Compound has created an environment and training regimen that emphasizes responsibility, honor, and integrity. While very few choose this “road less travelled” because of it’s demands, those who do find a new level of opportunity, self-confidence, and fulfillment that far exceeds their expectations.

For those individuals that have been fortunate enough to train at The Compound, they have quickly come to realize that The Compound is more than just a private training facility for wrestling. Instead, The Compound has quickly become a large family that shares a tremendous passion for the sport of wrestling. Our Compound Lifestyle events build on this belief.

Our CMP Lifestyle events are designed with the purpose of both building character and building unity among our members. They are truly life changing, and we hope that you and yours can make the next event.

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