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Scramble Camp

We’ve targeted all the common scramble positions executed on the highest level, and developed a technical system that will keep you calm and collected in any scramble.

Counter Attacks

Position is everything at a high level and having solid baseline defense coupled with strategic counter attacks can win at any level.

Satellite Camps

No matter where you are in the US we can come put on a camp at your club, middle school or high school.

Tilts, Turns, & Cradles

Our CMP tilt transition system seams together multiple high percentage turns and even transitions to dominate pinning combinations.

Handfighting To Leg Attacks

Learn the STEP BY STEP PROCESS of how to fight an Attack Position, dominate that position to gain a Predictable Reaction from your opponent, and clear any problem ies along the way.

The Granby Camp System

The Granby System of wrestling will teach you how not only to score on bottom but score big points on top notch opponents with regularity..

Bottom & Leg Defense

Our simplistic bottom system coupled with our leg defense technique will make any wrestler confident choosing bottom not matter who they are wrestling.

Crab & Leg Camp

Spend just a few days in the CMP crab and leg riding system learning the basic transitional positions and gain the ability to attack near fall positions from top on the best kids in the country.

Neutral Attacks & Finishes

The attack and finishes camp takes an in-depth look of learning what movement, pressure and predictable response from your opponent all rolled into leg attacks can do for your neutral game.

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