Agility Training

In just about every sport out there athleticism is essential to success on a high level. At The CMP we train to compete daily on that high level. Our sport specific speed and agility is adjusted per training session to the athletes that are training. Each sport whether it be wrestling, track, football, basketball or lacrosse has a specific speed focus under our roof. We do not believe in short cuts, our trainers will make training adjustments regularly to enhance our already sport specific tailored training.

Our 2400SQFT of indoor turf provides our athletes plenty of room year round to enhance their skills. Bungee work, cone and ladder drills, band work, polyometric and body weight exercises all can be easily accommodated in our speed and agility training area. The specific focus we provide for your target sport is a proven process and continues to evolve with each training session. We offer group and 1/1 training sessions for CMP members.

What should I bring or wear to class?
Just wear your normal workout gear. Shorts, t-shirt or sweats. No special attire required unless instructed by the coach

What special equipment do I need?
Running shoes are ideal for optimal performance, if a specific training session requires additional equipment you will be informed by your coach in advance.

Where can I buy the equipment I need?
You can acquire running shoes at any local sporting goods store or online.
A LARGE portion of our in season training is focus around mental preparation and sharpening their minds for not only competition but in life. We are very goal oriented with all groups and encourage each athlete to set out their own plan for success.

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