Since I first began coming to The Compound, I have been making big jumps and have been getting better – both as a wrestler and as a person. My coaches have prepared me to not only wrestle on a national level, but how to lead a life of purpose.

Caden “Sharkbait” McCrary
CMP Wrestler

The Compound is not just a wrestling club – we’re a fmaily. Being a part of the CMP family has never been just about the wrestling, but about life off the mat. There is not better gym to to train at.

Taylor Lujan
CMP Alumni

I started going to Compound to become a better wrestler. The coaches made me into a division one college wrestler through their detailed way of teaching technique. More importantly they made me a better person by teaching me positive values that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

Jake Hodges
CMP Alumni

The coaches at Compound have made a huge impact on my wrestling career. They motivated me to come in with a purpose and a positive attitude each day. Most importantly, they encouraged me to strive to be a better athlete as well as a better individual.

Joey Lazor
CMP Alumni

The Compound and its coaching staff taught me how to love wrestling and value the process of getting to the top. The coaches invest not only in their athlete’s wrestling careers, but also in their lives because they care more about molding great people committed to excellence rather than wrestlers with strong win loss records. Training at the Compound taught me how to get better every day at whatever I’m doing and to make the most of every opportunity God has given me.

Chad Pyke
CMP Alumni

The Compound is a very special place. It is special because the kids make it special. It’s never been about just wrestling; The Compound is about being a good person.

Jeff Bedard
UTC Assistant Coach

It would be enough just to mention the incredible coaches, great facilities, and top notch partners as reason alone to get your son or daughter to The Compound, but The Compound is so much more than that. The Compound is truly a family of individuals that betters the life of all who walk through its doors. I cannot say enough good things about what Cliff, Lee, and Pete have done for me and my son.

Jason McCrary

My son was a young unorthodox wrestler with a giant love for the sport. With this characteristic, he was not a good fit for many club teams or wrestling rooms. Once he decided to focus solely on wrestling, it was imperative to find a program that embraced and fostered his unique qualities. After walking onto the mat with Coach Roper, Fretwell, Kimbrell, and now Peter Yates, he knew he found that special fit. The Compound is not just a wrestling, but a family. They accepted my son for who he was, as a wrestler, and worked with his unique style, talent, and personality. Shaping and honing his style and not trying to make him a cookie cutter wrestler. The biggest change, however, came with me. Being part of the Compound family taught me how to be a supportive parent rather than a negative force in my son’s wrestling life. I learned to be the parent. To be supportive of him win or lose, and let his coaches’ deal with the issues on the mat. My transition made all the difference in how my son wrestles, so I would have to say the Compounds biggest influence on my son’s wrestling was the change in me not him.

Kevin Masters

CMP redefines success by focusing on the kids, making them the best that they can be physically and mentally while teaching the best technique on the planet. The result of this passionate focus is success on and off the mat.

Hugh Raiford

The Compound made me into, not only the wrestler, but the person I am today. If you buy in and give everything you’ve got to this staff and facility, it will change your life. If you want to be successful in anything, this is the place.

Hunter Gamble
CMP Alumni

“It’s not a sport, it’s a lifestyle”… and no where else is that more prevalent than at The Compound Training Facility. Tell me where else could you train where you not only learn about wrestling, but also about life, respect, dedication, focus, and so much more. CMP Family… we truly are a family!

The DeSilva’s

Our son, Connor, started at Compound North two years ago and went from being a novice wrestler with more losses than wins to placing 2nd at Big Kids State with a record of 27-2. Words don’t do justice to the level of gratitude we have for their outstanding coaching, both on and off the mat.

Charlie & Melissa Ware

Never has our son trained somewhere where the coaches were as devoted as here!!! Dawson has grown so much not just as wrestler but also In the man he is becoming!!! Thank you Jeff, Lee, and Cliff for all y’all do!!!

Dawn Bates

About 4 yrs ago we began the journey from Columbus Ga to McDonough Ga EVERY Sunday. What we thought would be another wrestling practice quickly transformed into so much more. Developing skills not only on the mat but in life. i.e. lifestyle. We are thankful to be a part of the CMP family.

Kalvin Harris

Compound Wrestling has had a tremendous positive impact on my family over the years. We have been with The Compound for over 7 years and trained in two other facilities. We would not train anywhere else after being here. The family atmosphere is real. We care about, visit, vacation together, love on, and support each other in this life. You are not going to find that in another facility. Furthermore, the top-notch pedigreed coaches with cutting edge new and established techniques being taught makes The Compound a wrestling force to be reckoned with. We are very proud to have our sons train here and be associated with and a part of The Compound Family!

Ricky Darracot

The Compound Wrestling Center trained my son, Jackson, to be a state champion, a multiple time state placer, and a national caliber wrestler. But more importantaly, The Compound coaches and the strong bonds formed by the CMP family have helped mold my son into a man.

Tony DiSario

Between the coaches, the facility, and their systematic approach to instruction, they have created an environment that kids enjoy being in. Their culture and system teaches kids how to enjoy the process of working hard. The gradual and consistent improvement I have seen in my boys is one of the many reasons we have been part of the CMP since their beginning.

PJ Manella

I have been involved in youth sports my entire life. I have never seen a family of coaches more dedicated to the overall development of their athletes than the Compound Wrestling coaching staff. They are not only focused on developing great athletes, they are also fully committed to developing their athletes into truly exceptional and successful people. More importantly, all of the Compound coaches practice what they preach and are the kind of people I want my kids to grow up and be like.

Brandon Veasey

Compound Wrestling is truly the best. They have not only devoloped my son as a wrestler beyond my expecatations, but have also played a crucial role in teaching him how to be a respectable young man. They continually focus on teaching values that will last a lifetime and would make any parent proud. We are proud to be a part of the CMP family.

Robert Echols

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