Beginners Wrestling

Wrestling is in many people’s opinion the toughest and most demanding sport there is yet possibly one of the most misunderstood. Many people have little to no contact with this great sport and therefore, do not understand much of how the sport works.

Wrestling is a very simple sport in its conception but extremely intricate and precise in execution. Simplicity diminishes even more when you realize that there are even different types of wrestling (just like there are many different types
of martial arts). All of them have their own specific rules, but generally are the same in their format. The type of wrestling that high school wrestlers take part in is folkstyle wrestling.

Our goal is to introduce your young wrestler to the sport and build a strong foundation which will allow them to have success for many years to come.

A LARGE portion of our in season training is focus around mental preparation and sharpening their minds for not only competition but in life. We are very goal oriented with all groups and encourage each athlete to set out their own plan for success.

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