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From tournament results to the latest goings-on at The Compound, you’re sure to find all the information you need to help you stay up to date with all our news!

Compound Family Events

At The Compound, we do not believe that the success is defined by your win-loss record.  Instead, we believe that success is a by-product of living your life correctly on and off the mat.  To help foster this development of the whole person, The Compound has created an environment and training regimen that emphasizes responsibility, honor, and integrity.  While very few choose this “road less travelled” because of it’s demands, those who do find a new level of opportunity, self-confidence, and fulfillment that far exceeds their expectations.

The Roper Report

From the mind of the one of the premier wrestling coaches in the nation, comes the Roper Report.  Here you’ll find the thoughts, observations, and musings of The Compound’s very own, Lee Roper.

Wrestling Training

The greatest of all sports, The Compound’s main focus is on wrestling.  While we spend a majority of our time on folkstyle wrestling, we also focus heavily on the Olympic styles (freestyle and greco) during the spring and summer.

Speed & Strength

In short, speed kills and there’s no substitute for strength.  So we’ve developed sport specific training programs with the goal of getting our athletes to perform at their optimal physical level.  Come transform your body!

Compound Camps

From scramble camps to hand-fighting camps to intensive camps, all our camps are designed with the single goal of helping your wrestling get to the next level.  And best of all, you can either come to us, or have us come out to your school!

Compound Lifestyle

At The Compound, we’re about much more than just win or losses on the mat.  Instead, we believe that wrestling offers an incredible opportunity for our athletes to develop and build their character.  We focus this belief with our CMP Lifestyle events.

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